Know Your Rajasthan VAT TIN Details and Verification of Rajasthan TIN Number

Person can search, Verify and know his or other Rajasthan dealers TIN VAT Details for Rajasthan State (Rajasthan State).  Starting digit codes for Rajasthan Sate VAT TIN No is 08, so every TIN VAT Number and CST Number will start with 08 for Rajasthan State. Only One TIN VAT is issued to a dealer in registered in Rajasthan State for VAT and CST purpose but he has to apply for registration for VAT and CST in separate forms but TIN Number will remain the same.  Also Check the VAT TIN code for other State in India

Following Details for the Dealer will be generated for the given TIN Number

TIN Number of the Dealer
Location ( Zone-Circle-Ward)
Firm Name (Name of the Rajasthan Dealer)
Firm Address (Rajasthan Dealer Address)
Tax Type: VAT/CST
Status: Active/Cancelled

Search Rajasthan State VAT TIN Details by TIN Number and Search Rajasthan State VAT TIN Details by Dealer Name

Rajasthan VAT TIN Details and TIN No Search by name

In case if you want to get other details about the dealers like

PAN Number of Dealer

Date of Registration under CST Act

Date of Registration under Rajasthan VAT Act

Read How to Verify, Check and Search VAT TIN details on All India Basis

How to Check and Verify Dealer TIN Number of Different States in India

Now Anyone can verify, check or search the VAT TIN Number of any dealer of any state in India. And All this VAT TIN Registration Verification and Know Your VAT TIN Number on All India basis is only possible because of Initiative of Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers and starting of Tax Information Exchange System (TINXSYS) . So now with this centralized system any person can check his or others dealers details attached to the VAT TIN or CST Number.
So now an local dealer doing any business with VAT Dealer registered outside his state can verify the TIN based details of Dealer like VAT TIN Number, Address CST Number(Sales Tax Number) using TIN Number of dealer before doing any transaction with that dealer. Check the Dealer Code Initial for All India basis

Every Dealer who is doing any sale purchase with other dealers can check the following details using the TIN Number of other party

  • TIN VAT Number
  • CST Number
  • Dealer Name
  • Dealer Address
  • State Name
  • PAN Number of Dealer
  • Date of Registration under CST Act
  • Dealer Registration Status under CST Act
  • This record is valid as on

Know Your VAT TIN for Dealer

Statewise TIN Number Search 

S.NoName of StateVAT TIN Code Starting 2 Digit
1Jammu and Kashmir01
2Himachal Pradesh02
9Uttar Pradesh09
12Arunachal Pradesh12
19West Bengal19
23Madhya Pradesh23
25Daman and Diu25
26Dadra and Nagar Haveli26
28Andhra Pradesh28
33Tamil Nadu33
35Andaman and Nicobar Islands35