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For the New York Times I wrote an Op-Ed from a future in which Latin America is strong and united. – Malka Older

The New York Times has an excellent new speculative series they’re calling “Op-Eds from the Future” and I was thrilled to write this imagining a time in the not-so-distant future in which Latin America is about to unify EU-style so that I could argue that the U.S. should welcome a stronger neighbor to the south. ...

Buy These 6 Latin America Stocks for Strong Gains in 2018 Nasdaq

Latin America stocks have turned in a strong performance this year especially since U.S. markets endured a correction. Overall their economic prospects remain strong even as markets have largely ...

Looking to Latin America - Recycling Today

Latin America is comprised of 20 countries with a population of about 626 million people. It includes Mexico Central America the Caribbean and South America. Overall about 400 pulp and paper mills are lo ed across Latin America. Opportunities exist within the ...

Latin American "Strong Man" -

An essay or paper on Latin American "Strong Man". This report explores the "strong man thesis" in Latin American politics; that is the thesis that personal loyalties to a leader are characteristically stronger than institutional loyalties e.g. to constitutional

Taiwan: Strong in the U.S. but Weak in Latin America - El American

Strong American allies such as Colombia and Chile embraced Chinese vaccines because of the region’s dismal response to combat COVID-19. Latin America is home to several of the countries that diplomatically recognize Taiwan and therefore do not have formal relations with Beijing.

Coronavirus creates strong demand for mobile wallets in Latin America PaymentsSource

Latin America is seeing a surge in digital wallet adoption as governments seek ways to disburse coronavirus aid to vulnerable citizens and consumers look for safe alternatives to cash. The need for digital payments infrastructure has led Latin American governments and banks to partner with each other and with fintechs in order to accelerate the move away from cash.

The Ultimate List of Latin America Research Paper Topics TopicsMill

Latin America Research Paper Topics need to be interesting and thought-provoking to help students find some good and effective ideas to discuss in their papers. What matters is the titles you’re using in your paper will help you receive a perfect grade without having to spend too many unnecessary study sessions in a library or online.

Why Latin America is becoming the world’s next technology mega-hub - Polymath Ventures

Latin America is well prepared to embark on digital transformation Apart from the strong economic base the high mobile and internet penetration in the region also forms the foundation for the digital change. Just a few numbers to illustrate: Internet penetration is ...

Why Does Cash Remain King in Latin America and the Caribbean? - The Dialogue

Photo: Pixabay Despite the growth of fintechs in Latin America cash is still king in the region. Cash management company Brink’s estimates that 85 percent of Brazil’s market relies on cash while in Mexico the figure is 90 percent. Why is Latin America clinging ...

Productivity in Latin America - Grist to the mill Americas view The Economist

Latin America’s productivity problem looks even worse compared with Asia. In the 2001-10 period for instance the IADB finds that growth in TFP accounted for only 58% of overall per-head income ...

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