Download Uttrakhand Vat Form 1(A)

Download Uttrakhand vat Form 1(A): Application For issue of Voluntary Registration Under sub section (7) of Section 15 Of The Uttarakhand Vat Act

As per Uttrakhand vat Rule 7 Application for Registration:

(1)Every dealer who is required to be registered under section 15 or section 16 of the Act shall submit an application for registration under sub- section (2) of section 17 to the

Assistant Commissioner in Form I. The application shall be accompanied by copies of passport size photographs of the proprietor, or each adult male partner of the firm, or of each adult male co-parcener of the Hindu Undivided Family, as the case may be, duly attested by a lawyer or a Gazetted officer, and shall be under the signature of –

(a) the proprietor or a person having due authority to act on behalf of such proprietor in case of an individual ; or

(b) the partner, in the case of a firm; or

(c) the karta, in the case of a Hindu Undivided Family ;or

(d) the Managing  Director or any person authorized by the Board of Directors, in the case of a limited Company ;or

(e) the president or the secretary, in the case of a Society or Club or Association; or

(f) the Head of the Office or any other officer duly authorized by him, in the case of a department of a State Government or the Central Government ; or

(g) in any other case,by the dealer himself or by the principal officer, or any other officer,duly authorized by him,of the authority or body,as the case may be:             Provided that the Assessing Authority may require a dealer who is deemed to be a registered dealer as per provisions of sub-section (6) of section 15 of the Act, to furnished all or any information as per Form I above, and such dealer whenever so required shall furnish correct, complete and true information.

(2) A dealer who under the provisions of the Uttaranchal (the Uttar Pradesh Trade Tax Act, 1948) Adaptation & Modification Order, 2002,holds a registration certificate or provisional registration certificate on the date immediately preceding the date of commencement of the Act and to whom sub-section (7) of section 15 of the Act applies, shall present application for Voluntary registration under the Act, to the Assistant Commissioner in Form I (A).

(3) Each application for registration shall be accompanied by satisfactory proof of deposit of fee and penalty specified in the Act, where payable.

(4)Each application for registration shall be accompanied by –

(a)(i)Attested copy of Partnership Deed and Letter of Authority from all the        partners in favour of the applicant, in case of a Firm;

(ii)Attested copies of Article of Association and Memorandum of Association and Letter of Authority by the Board of Directors in favour of the applicant, in case of a Limited Company;

(iii)Attested copy of Resolution of Appointment as President or Secretary, in case of a society or club or association.;

(iv)Attested copy of deed or relevant document in case of a Trust, Receiver or       Guardian of a minor or an incapacitated person :

(v)Authority of Head of Office or the Principal Officer in case of body carrying on business; and

(b) Specimen signatures and photograph of the applicant duly attested.

(5)An application for registration shall be made within thirty days of the date on which the dealer becomes liable to registration.

(6) Where a person or a dealer has more than one place of business in the State, he shall make a single application for registration in respect of all such places specifying therein one of such places as the principal place of business and submit it to the Assistant Commissioner in whose jurisdiction such principal place of business is situated.

(7) Where a dealer is required to furnish any information regarding change of business as per the provisions of sub- section (11) of section 17 he shall furnish the information within thirty days of the occurring of such events, under the signatures of the person or the dealer referred to in sub- rule (1) above, duly attested by a lawyer or a gazetted officer:

Provided that if a dealer fails to inform any change as required above, having the effect of transferring the liability to pay tax on another person, then, notwithstanding the change, any tax such other person was liable to pay after the change has taken place, may be recovered from such dealer as if no change had taken place ;

Provided further that nothing in the foregoing proviso shall discharge the transferee or the succeeding dealer as a result of change, of his liability to tax.

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