Download UP Vat Form – XII

Download UPVAT FORM – XII: Information Regarding Change of Business

As per up vat Rule 33 Information Regarding Change of Business

(1) The information regarding change of business under section 75, shall be furnished to the registering authority in Form XII along with form VII or VII-G, as the case may be, and shall be signed by the person referred to in sub-rule (6) of rule 32

(2) The application under sub-rule (1) shall accompany the registration certificate and evidence regarding change of business.

(3) On receiving the information referred to in sub-rule (1) the registering authority or the assessing authority, as the case may be, shall verify the correctness of information and after making such enquiry as he may deem fit, including enquiry at business premises, pass appropriate order and make necessary amendment in relevant records including registration certificate as for as possible within a period of 30 days.

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