Download Kerala Vat Form No. 25A

Download Kerala VAT FORM No. 25A: Application for Input Tax Credit on Opening Stock Held as On 1-4-2005 under the Kerala Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

As per Kerala vat rule 12(2)

Any dealer claiming input tax credit in respect of such goods shall submit to the Assessing Authority, an application in Form 25A within thirty days from the date of commencement of the

Act, along with the opening stock inventory as on the date of coming into force of the Act, separately for goods falling under different Schedules to the Kerala General Sales Tax Act, 1963

(15 of 1963) –

(i) purchased within the State from dealers registered under the said Act-(a) where tax collection is shown separately (b) where such tax collection is not shown separately, and

(ii) purchased from outside the State and those in respect of which tax under the Kerala General Sales Tax Act, 1963(15 of 1963) has not been suffered. Where a particular purchase bill is lost the dealer shall obtain from the seller a duplicate bill showing the particulars included in the original bill, with a certificate of the seller to the effect that the duplicate bill is issued in the context of the loss of the original bill and furnish details there of in the statement furnished in Form 25A.

Along with the application in form 25A the dealer shall also submit a statement showing separately the opening stock value of goods as on 01..04.2004 and 01.04.2003 in respect of goods taxable at the hands of the dealer and those exempted at his hands. The stock inventory and the statement of purchase bills referred to in this sub-rule shall be certified by a Chartered Accountant or a Cost Accountant, where the dealer submitting the statement was covered by the provisions of section 26A of the Kerala General Sales Tax Act 1963 (15 of 1963) during the year

2004-05. The time limit may be extended by the assessing authority by fifteen days in deserving cases.

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