Download Jammu & Kashmir Vat Form Vat-01(C)

Download J&K VAT Form VAT-01(C): Declaration of Business Manager and person(s) authorized to receive notices & documents

As per J&K VAT Rule 65(1) & (3) Declaration of Business Manager

(1) Every dealer shall declare the name of his business manager in Form VAT-01-(C ) at the time of filing of application for registration.

(2) Such declaration shall be signed in the case of a:-

a) Hindu undivided Family, by the karta.

b) Club by all members of its governing body

c) An association by all members of its governing body;

d) Society, by all members of its governing body.

e) Firm by all its partners

f) Company, by its managing director and shall be accompanied by a certified copy of resolution passed by Board of Directors in this


g) In other cases, by the guardian or trustee or other person, carrying on business on behalf of another person and also by the person on whose behalf the business is carried on, if not under disability.

(3) The Form VAT-01 (C ) shall be accompanied by two copies of recent passport size photographs and two specimen signatures duly certified by the person signing the declaration form.

(4) In case of a change of business manager the dealer shall inform the Jurisdictional Assessing Authority concerned within 15 days from the date of such change and shall file a fresh declaration.

(5) All acts done by the business manager for purposes of the Act and Rules shall be deemed to have been done by the dealer and the dealer shall be responsible for all such acts done by his business manager.

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