Form 3CI, Download Income Tax Form 3CI in PDF Format

FORM NO. 3CI for Receipt of Payment for Carrying Out Scientific Research. FORM NO. 3CI is relevant to the national Laboratory/University / Indian Institute of Technology/ Specified person, for issuing the receipt for payment, as required under rule 6(6). Where the assessee pays any sum to a National Laboratory or a University or an Indian Institute of Technology or a specified person] with a specific direction that the said sum shall be used for scientific research undertaken under a programme approved in this behalf by the prescribed authority, then—

(a)  there shall be allowed a deduction of a sum equal to two times the sum so paid ; and

(b)  no deduction in respect of such sum shall be allowed under any other provision of this Act :

Provided that the prescribed authority shall, before granting approval, satisfy itself about the feasibility of carrying out the scientific research and shall submit its report to the Director General in such form as may be prescribed.


[See rule 6(6)]

Receipt of payment for carrying out scientific research under section 35(2AA)
of the Income-tax Act, 1961


Name, address and Permanent Account Number of the sponsor



Amount paid (in figures and words)




Mode of payment with particulars



Date of payment



Name of the research programme for which to be used



Approved cost of the programme



Date of commencement and duration of the programme



Assessment year(s) for which approved



Number of payments received so far, including this payment, towards this programme



Total amount of payment received towards this pro-gramme, so far, including this payment (in figures and words)



Prescribed Authority has approved this programme vide Order NO__________dated____________issued from file No




(Name and Designation)

(Name and Address of the National Laboratory, University, Indian Institute of Technology or specified person)

Serial No. of this Receipt

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