Download Goa Vat Form – IX

Download Goa vat Form VAT – IX Notice of re-assessment under section 31 of the Goa Value Added Tax Act, 2005(Act 9 of 2005).

As per Goa vat Rule 29 Escaped assessment, re-assessment of tax, etc

If the Commissioner has reasons to believe that any turnover of sales of any goods chargeable to tax under the Act has, in respect of any period/year, escaped assessment or has been under-assessed, or assessed at a lower rate or allowed input tax credit in excess of what is admissible or that any deduction has been wrongly made in an order issued under section 29 of the Act, the Commissioner shall cause to serve upon the concerned dealer within the time specified in sub-section(1) of section 31 of the Act, a notice in Form VAT-IX and after giving him reasonable opportunity of being heard and making such enquiries as it considered necessary may proceed to assess or re-assess the amount of tax due from such dealer.

The order of assessment or reassessment referred to in sub-rule(1) shall be made in writing in Form VAT-X. Also, a notice in the Form VAT-XI, as referred to in rule 27, for demand of tax levied, interest and penalty imposed, if any, arising out of said orders shall be served upon the dealer.

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