Download Company Law Form 23AAA : For Modification in Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account

Application to Central Government for modification in the matters to be stated in the company’s balance sheet or profit and loss account

How to e-file Form 23AA

  1. Enter the ‘Corporate Identity Number’ (CIN) of the companyYou may find CIN by entering your existing registration number in the Find CIN/GLN service at the portal. and Find Details of Company CIN, GLN, LLPIN using Name of Company, ROC registration number etc.
  2. Click the “Pre-fill” buttonSystem will automatically display the name and registered office address of the company.Turnover of the company should be as per latest audited balance sheet
  3. Enter the start date and end date of the period for which exemption is required.
  4. Note: Company other than Hotel Company can claim exemption only for one financial year
  5. Hotel Company can claim exemption for maximum three financial years
  6. Mention the paragraphs number of Part II of schedule VI from which exemption is required
  7. If ‘Yes’ is selected i.e. in case company is producing or supplying defense equipments then specify details about the recommendation of the Ministry of Defence or the concerned Defence department confirming that all the products manufactured by the company are for defense purpose and disclosures of the quantitative details in the published accounts would not be in national interest. (This field is applicable for the company producing or supplying defense equipments.)
  8.  Enter the reasons if the company is not maintaining proper books of account
  9. Attachment:Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment.
  10. Declarations: Enter the date of board resolution authorizing the signatory to sign and submit the application.
  11. Signature: The eform should be digitally signed by managing director or director or manager or secretary of the company duly authorised by the board

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