Download Company Law Form 22: Form No 22 used as a Statutory Report

Download Company Law Form 22

  How to e-file Form 22 of company law

 1 (a) Enter ‘Corporate Identity Number’ (CIN) of the company. You may find CIN by entering existing registration number or name of the company in the ‘Find CIN/GLN’ service at the MCA21 portal  and Find Details of Company CIN, GLN, LLPIN using Name of Company, ROC registration number etc.

 2 (a),(b), Click the “Pre-fill” button (c) System will automatically display the name, registered office address and the email ID of the company. In case there is any change in the email ID, enter the new valid email ID 7-10 Enter details for the change in particulars of directors and manager and secretary and auditors-if any.

 3 If any approval of members for modification in the existing contract of the company is required in the statutory meeting, Enter particulars and proposed modification of the same contract which is to be submitted to the statutory meeting for approval.


  •  Notice for the statutory meeting is to be attached.
  •  Abstracts of receipts and payments (refer format 1 below)
  •  Details of preliminary expenses (refer format 2 below)
  •  Details of the arrears, if any, due on calls from directors and managers (refer format 3 below)
  •  Details of particulars of any commission and brokerage paid or to be paid in connection with the issue or sale of shares or debentures to any director, or manager
  •  Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment.


Enter the serial number and date of board resolution authorising the signatory to sign and submit the eForm.

 Digital signature

The eForm should be digitally signed by managing director and one director of the company. If there is no managing director in the company then by two directors of the company. Signatories should be duly authorised by the board of directors.


Select the designations of the person digitally signing the eForm.Enter DIN in case the person digitally signing the eForm is a director or managing director.Certificate The eForm should be certified by the statutory auditor of the company by digitally signing the eForm. Select whether he/ she is an associate or fellow and enter the membership number.

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