Download Andhra Pradesh Vat Form 602

Download Andhra Pradesh VAT Form 602: Delivery Note by Clearing or Forwarding Agent under AP Value Added Tax Act

As per Andhra Pradesh Vat rule 33(1) (b), 33(1) (d) & 33(2)

1)      When the goods are transported after clearance from a seaport, on behalf of a dealer not registered under the Act, the clearing or forwarding agent, as the case may be, notwithstanding that such agent is not a dealer registered under the Act or any other person in charge of the goods vehicle or vessel, who, on behalf of such agent or importer transports the goods from the seaport shall carry with him the following documents in respect of the goods carried in the goods vehicle or vessel, namely: –

a)      a trip sheet, or log book, as the case may be;

b)      a Delivery Note in Form 602

c)      copy of the foreign seller’s invoice with the copy of bill of entry; and; 

d)      letter from the importer or clearing or forwarding agent to the consignee, specifically mentioning the description, quantity and value of the goods imported:

Provided that, in case, goods are imported by a dealer, registered under the Act it is sufficient, if the goods are accompanied by a way bill in Form X or  Form 600 instead of Delivery Note in Form 602.

(2)     A clearing or forwarding agent / importer from outside the State of Andhra Pradesh shall obtain the required number of Delivery Notes in Form 602 from the Commercial Tax Officer, having jurisdiction over the seaport, by producing evidence of import of goods, including nature of goods, quantity and value of goods.

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