Know Your Karnataka VAT TIN Details and Verification of Karnataka TIN Number

Person can search, Verify and know his or other Karnataka dealers TIN VAT Details for Karnataka State (Karnataka State).  Starting digit codes for Karnataka State VAT TIN is 29, so every TIN VAT Number will start with 29 for Karnataka State. Only One TIN VAT is issued to a dealer in registered in Karnataka State for VAT and CST purpose but he has to apply for registration for VAT and CST in separate forms but TIN Number will remain the same.  Also Check the VAT TIN code for other State in India

Following Details for the Dealer will be generated for the given TIN Number for Karnataka Dealer

  • Name of the Dealer
  • TIN Number of the Dealer
  • CST Number of the Dealer
  • Dealer Address
  • Trade Name & Address
  • Effective Date of Registration
  • Composition Dealer Type
  • KTEG Registration
  • Status:

Search Karnataka State VAT TIN Details by TIN Number

Karnataka VAT TIN Dealer Details

In case if you want to get other details about the dealers like

PAN Number of Dealer

Date of Registration under CST Act

Date of Registration Karnataka VAT Act

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