Download Maharashtra Vat Form-210

Download Maharashtra VAT FORM-210 Challan in respect of payment made otherwise than with return by a dealer under Maharashtra Value Added Tax. Act 2002

As per Maharashtra VAT Rule 45

Method of payment.-

(1) Every  payment of tax  or interest or penalty or all  of them payable under rule  41  and the  amount of  balance of  tax  payable according to a return 1[or  fresh  or  revised return] and  penalty and interest  payable under rule  41 shall  be accompanied by the respective return-cum-chalan.

2[(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), every payment of tax or interest orpenalty or all of them  not  referred to in sub-rule  (1) and  every  payment of amountforfeited, composition money 3[deposit paid  towards voluntary registration], fees and fines  imposed or as may be, every  payment of tax interest or penalty due  as per  the fresh return or revised return shall  be accompanied by a chalan in Form  210. Every  payment of amount of tax deducted at source under sub-rule (1) of rule 40 shall be 4[inchalan in Form 210].]

(3) The Form  accompanying the  payments as aforesaid shall  be duly  filled  in,  signed  and verified  by the  payer  and  the  amount paid shall be stated  both  in  words and  in figures  in  the  space  provided for that  purpose in the  respective Form.

(4) The payments shall be made into Government treasury. The portion of  the  concernedForm  marked   “ for  the  payer”  shall   be returned  by the  Government treasury to the dealer  duly  receipted, and the portion of the  Form  marked  “for the  registeringauthority” shall  be forwarded by  the  Government treasury to the  registering authorityspecified in  rule  17.

(5) Subject to the  provisions of sections 33 and  34,  no  payment as  aforesaid shall  be made  to any  officer  or authority appointed by  or under  section 10.

    (6) The installments granted, if any, under one order shall be monthly installments, and fora period not exceeding 5[twelve months]. 6[The  installment shall  be for the  cumulativeamount of tax,  interest and  penalty as also  interest to be  paid  on  the  amount of the said  tax. The  installment order  shall  specify   the  amount of  tax,  interest or penalty which is to be paid  and  the  date  of payment and  shall  also specify the  interest tobe paid  on the  said  amount of tax  on the  said date of payment].

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