Which ITR Form is Applicable to You

While Filing the Income Tax Return, person always get confused which ITR (Income Tax Return) Form is applicable to him/her. To avoid this confusion Income Tax Department has made the rules which are based on the source of income .i.e. Source of Income will decide which ITR is applicable to you. For Salaried person with only other source of Income of Income is interest income than ITR 1 is applicable.

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S. No.

Sources/Details of Income


Individual, HUF






1Income from Salary/PensionYes YesYesYesNo
2Income from Other Sources (only Interest Income or Family Pension)Yes YesYesYesNo
3Income/Loss from Other SourcesNoYesYesYesNo
4Income/Loss from House PropertyNoYesYesYesNo
5Capital Gains/Loss on sale of investments/propertyNoYesYesYesNo
6Partner in a Partnership FirmNoNoYesYesNo
7Income from Proprietary Business/ProfessionNoNoNoYesNo
8Income from Presumptive BusinessNoNoNoNoYes
9Details of Foreign AssetsNoYesYesYesNo


S. No.DetailsITR Form No.
1For Firms, AOPs and BOIsITR 5
2For Companies, other than companies claiming exemption under section 11ITR 6
3For person required to furnish return under section 139(4A)/ (4B) / (4C)/ (4D)ITR 7

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3 thoughts to “Which ITR Form is Applicable to You”

  1. my refund cheque has dispached on dated 31-01-2013 according to online refund status cheking. but my dispached cheque did not come on dated 22-02-2013
    then what can i di for this. after meeting postman they are talking your cheqe has not come now
    Rajeev kumar

  2. I am Central Govt. Class-I Gazetted officer-a salaried person with no other sources of income. I have e-filled my income tax return for 2013-14 through HR Block company. The ITR-V Form I have received from Income Tax Department shows ITR-2 as form no. which has been electronically transmitted. Is it OK? or I have to submit ITR-1 again?

  3. I have two questions with respect to income tax filing for this year.

    1) I have income from “Interest from saving bank account to about 2k, so I should show this in Income from other sources and deduct in 80TTA and use IRR1 itself “.Am i correct?

    2) My company provides me with HRA and conveyance allowances.Will these come under exempt income of 5k ,in which case do i need to go for ITR1 or ITR 2?I dont have any other income apart from these

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