Things not to be done before and after Fillings Appeal to Income Tax Tribunal

  • Do not delay in sending Annexure-B in case you do not want E- hearing.
  • Do not delay filing paper book or other documents /orders till the last moment, including the Power of Attorney/ Authorization.
  • Do not look at the Camera while arguing your case.
  • Do not shout, as the audio spoils the clarity in your speech.
  • Do not enter into/entertain cross talk in the Court Room.
  • Do not worry about camera angle. The technical aspects of presentation are taken care by Office.
  • Do not submit any documents at the time of hearing. If required, take leave of the Members and follow the instructions given.
  • Do not seek adjournments, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not appear at the place of E.B. No personal hearing shall take place at the place of E.B.

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