Rights of Mutual Fund Investor

  1. Investors have a right to receive the dividend declared by the company within 30 days of declaration.
  2. If redemption request is made by investors, the AMC must dispatch the redemption proceeds within 10 working days of the request. In case the AMC fails to do so, it has to pay an interest @ 15%. This rate may change from time to time subject to regulations.
  3.  Investors can obtain relevant information from the trustees and inspect documents like trust deed, investment management agreement, annual reports, offer documents, etc.
  4. Investors are mutual, beneficial and proportional owners of the scheme’s assets.
  5. They have a right to receive audited annual reports within 6 months from the financial year end.
  6. Investors can wind up a scheme or even terminate the AMC if unit holders representing 75% of scheme’s assets pass a resolution to that respect.
  7.  Investors have a right to be informed about changes in the fundamental attributes which may include type of scheme, investment objectives and policies and terms of issue.
  8.  Investors can approach for grievance redressal the investor relations officer. In case the investor does not get appropriate solution, he can approach the investor grievance cell of SEBI.
  9. The investor can also sue the trustees.

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