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    1. I applied PAN CARD of the organization of Helping Oppressed People’s Environment Regd No. 77/SR/ 87 of 6th September 1995 in 2008 and United khulmi export import private limited of 31 August 2005 but till today i did not received the following original PAN CARD I, therefore, request you to kindly send me for the sake of the organization and the company

  1. my pan card had been robbed nd than when i have applied for it spelling mistake was there so now what should i do?

  2. i hav apply for new PAN Card named VATTI ADILAXMI, Her DOB: 01/02/1957 in the end of the December but still now i hav not get PAN Card or any information regarding the above. pls response immediately. . . .

  3. I have a spelling mistake father name (Seetharama Bhatta H).How i can give in appication form (Last name ,First name and middle name) so that it will come as i mentioned above?


  5. sir,
    my PAN is BAAPS82**K . I have not received my pan card till today. It may be postal delay or some other reason.all particulars in my pan are true.what should i do for my PAN card. please reply me.
    with regards.

  6. i alrady appiled my pan card in month of nov but still the application status is showing it is under prossess, why this much of time is taking by the dep.

    Bymistake agent made two application of my pan card no ACFPH3166D, now i dont know what i have to do , kindly suggest me to get or cansel my application.

  7. My coorected PAN has not been received till date as the card has already been forwarded through emudhra company vide their coupon number 537853610. I want to print on the full name ie SHIV NARAYAN SINGH and date of birth 01 Jul 1971 not 01 Jul 1970. please rectify the observation and issue fresh card on the same PAN card No ie BCGPS2896M

  8. Sir, applicant name in status check shows my surname in front of my name . Like Nallathambi Naveen, where my name is Naveen. Is this the format or something gone wrong ?

  9. i have received my pan card but there is mistake in my surname , as per submitted my document my surname is BRAHMBHATT , but there is printung on MY new pancard the wrong surname is BRAHNBHATI , so please check my document & send me new PANCARD WITH correction . MY pan no. is AAIHB7028P , MY TRUE NAME IS BRAHMBHATT BIPINKUMAR JAYANTILAL HUF.

  10. My name is kapil kumar . I have applied for recorrection of pan card at 6th of march but i didn,t recieve yet. When i Check the status it shows application is under process . Acknowledgment number is 012460300540682

  11. Sir . I called to income tax department he gave me a complaint number and we will get back to u within 5 working days. But he didn,t tell the reason why is pan card so late . And who will be responsible for it nsdl or income tax department

  12. Sir ,My PAN no-AECPT7427e My card is old and data is not show properly want to new card tell me the procedure

  13. Sir,
    I am holder of PAN card no. CRAPS6393D. My name as per my documents is MAINPAL SINGH; whereas my PAN Card shows MANIPAL SINGH which is not correct. Pls suggest the procedure how to correct the spelling mistake for my name. Thanking you

  14. my name has been wrongly written as KAVITHA PRADEP were as it should be KAVITA.V. PRADEEP. Please rectify the mistake.

  15. Iam KATHIRVEL, Applicant Name GURUSAMY KATHIRVEL, Application Number 117832817, Coupon Number 539330983, PAN Number DATPK7417R, My Card Appla date 19/04/2013. “You can check the PAN CardApplication status Pleas….”

  16. My first name is Rahul and Last name is Tarakesh, but in my PAN card, name it is printed as Tarakesh Rahul. Also my PAN no is A**PR****K. The fifth character is R instead of T (as my surname is Tarakesh, and as per the rules, fifth character of individual is the first letter of surname). If I apply for name correction, will I get a new PAN number because of this issue?

  17. I want a correction in my name on PAN card details it is (BHADUR Singh) but it was corrected on PAN card (BAHADUR SINGH)
    Please suggest what can i do.

    1. Actualy it was corrected on PAN card but however i checked on online i found my name mistake it appear Bhadur instead of Bahadur .

      So please suggest whether i have to apply correction in name .
      or apply for new PAN card.

  18. My name suraj prakash pathak and date of birth 07/07 /1993 due to some falt i am lost my pancard then i take dublicate form fill and send but yet i not get PAN CARD

  19. I want to know the how can i view my pan card (duplicate copy of Pan card) without put any details only used of my pan number.

  20. I applied for PAN card 5 years ago, but I did not receive it. Later I applied for new pan card and I received it. New PAN CARD no : BFRPK8755B. But income tax website showing old pan card No: AUZPM9105F is registered under my name. How should I cancel the PAN card which is not received but registered under my name. All my bank accounts are registered with my new PAN card.

  21. Dear Sir,

    My relative applied for PAN card and received without her photo.

    PAN No. : BJZPG7154G…

    Please advise what is the next step ?

  22. Hi, I recently submitted online application for my name change after marriage. After paying the fees through netbanking i realise that i have provided wrong date of birth. Could you please guide how can I get it corrected my date of birth in the submitted application form.
    Thanks in advance!!

  23. My pan card number AVXPM5610L .SIR SFC SOUTH KASHMIR has credited 760 of one challan, the other challan for tax 1257 has been credited due to oversight of pan card, AYXPM5610L instead of AVXPM5610L

  24. hello sir i had submitted net banking for new pan card correction in pan data my acknowledgement no is 401-582573 but my new pan not reach to me

  25. Sir,

    A PAN card no.AADPG8591M was issued to me year back. In my original Pan Card my name is correct (UMESH PRASAD SUNDRIYAL). But on 31st of July,2013 when I filed my return on line and take a print of return the name appears wrong (UMESH PRASAD GUNDRIYAL).

    You are requested to kindly let me know how to correct this spelling miatake whether I am able to fill up the correction form online or not?

    With warm regards,


  26. i got my date of birth wrong in my pan. it was 14/08/1995….but it came as 14 /08/1994….how can i recorrect it?

  27. dear sir.
    my name is wrongly spelled on my pan card.It ends with M,making it ANJUM, not with N as shown on the pan card.secondly in my address my village’s name should be BADA [means big] rampur which is shown in hindi as rampur BEG so kindly correct it. Thankyou sir.
    yours sincerily
    farah anjum
    rampur big
    phone 9720168345
    PAN BIZPA3790F

    1. Anjum,
      Correction of you Pan Card will not be done by stating here. You will have to submit a form by filling your correct Name and address; you also can read the guideline before you fill the form:

  28. I have filled itr for ay 2011-2012 manually. My pan no. is ALZPC9521C. But till date i am not getting any refund . Please do needful.

    1-Name should be anjuM. On d card its anjuN
    2-My village name is rampur big (bada). on d card its beg(in hindi )
    Kindly make these correct

  30. Hi,

    PAN card no is wrongly update by my company in their records, they are deducting TDS and other income tax related details on that wrong PAN card no only. I asked them for a change in PAN card no but they are not responding with that. Please let me know how this will affect me and what action can I take to do this change.


    1. Sir, it will surely hurt other person taxation and also income tax department will send you the notice for income tax demand.So best thing is to ask company for change of PAN No and file revise TDS return with correct PAN Number

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