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ISO Coarse EN 779 Grade EN 16890 ISO PM10 EN 779 Grade EN 16890 ISO PM2.5 EN 779 Grade EN 16890 ISO PM1 G2 ≥30% M5 ≥50% M6 ≥50% F7 ≥50% G3 ≥45% F8 ≥70% G4 ≥60% F9 ≥80%. G4 Grade Pleated Panel Filters Card Case Plea ...

Coarse Filters Air Filters Products

You are here: Home Products Air Filters Coarse Filters. Coarse Filters Rating - EN 779: 2012. G1 : G2: G3: G4 : Efficiency MPPS: 50≤A M <65 : 65≤A M <80 : 80≤A M <90 : 90≤A M: Model: NFC . Media: HDPE/Non Woven Synthetic/Glass Fibre Frame: SS ...

Cube Filters - Air Flow Technology

The Series CCPC extended surface cube filter is AFT’s high efficiency overspray collection powder paint product appli ions. Made from 100% polyester the media consists of a 1″ coarse layer to facilitate overspray collection and retention combined with a second layer designed to trap finer paint particles. It is heat-sealed to a heavy gauge metal support frame and forms a seal when installed.

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