Net direct tax collections during April–December, 2010

Net direct tax collections during the period April-December 2010 stood at Rs.2,98,958 crore, up from Rs.2,50,232 crore in the same period last fiscal, registering a growth of 19.47 percent reaching 69.53 percent of the Budgeted target of Rs.4,30,000 crore..


Growth in Corporate Income Tax was 22.07 percent (Rs.2,03,244 crore as against Rs.1,66,503 crore), while Personal Income Tax (including STT, and residual FBT / BCTT) grew at 14.57 percent (Rs.92,295 crore as against Rs.83,178 crore).  Growth of Securities Transaction Tax was 11.97 precent (Rs.5,117 crore against Rs.4,570 crore).


Growth in tax collections for the month of December, compared to December last year, was 20 percent.

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