List of Income Chargeable under Head Income from other sources

The following incomes are chargeable to tax under this head:

  • Dividend
  • Winning from lotteries
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Horse races
  • Card games
  • Interest on P.F/welfare fund etc. which is not taxable under the head salary & B & p
  • Rent of inseparable facilities other than H.P if it can be bifurcated
  • Family pension
  • Interest on securities which is not taxable under the head B & P
  • Sum received from keyman insurance policy
  • Interest on compensation/ enhanced compensation in case of compulsory acquisition
  • Sum of money received as gift
  • Interest on bank deposit and loan
  • Income from subletting
  • Income from royalty
  • Agriculture income outside India
  • Interest on foreign government securities
  • Casual income
  • Annuity payable under a will
  • Gift received in cash and kind


2 thoughts to “List of Income Chargeable under Head Income from other sources”

  1. I had booked an apartment with a builder in 2008. Due dispute builder refunded the booking amount in Dec 2012 with an interest of 9 %. Builder deducted TDS on the interest amount at the rate of 10 %.
    Kindly advise if the interest received from the builder due refund is taxable and if so at what will be the tax rate and under what head this amount will be indicated in ITR – IV.

    Thanking you
    SK sharma

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