7 thoughts to “List of Documents Required for Changes in PAN Card Name, Surname, DOB: Verification Certificate by Gazetted Officer, MP & MLA”

  1. I want a correction in my name on PAN card details but it was corrected on PAN card.
    Please suggest what can i do.

  2. i got the verification certificate from MLA of our area
    but he has not given any id card number/copy..stating that
    public elected member do not have any id card.

    but nsdl not processing my new pan application…though there
    is a valid seal and signature of him.

    what should i do now..plz help

    1. Sudhir ji, MP and MLA also get the certificate from government, in case if your MLA is not giving id card then you can get the similar certificate from any gazzeted officer in your city.

  3. I want correction in my name on PAN card details, i correction in my Name through online. But did not received any correction PAN card or no more. please what can i do suggest me.

  4. My surname and first name is interchanged in the records but name properly printed on PAN card.Records say Shivaraj Pooja but my name being Pooja Shivaraj correctly printed on PAN card. Do I have to correct it or is it not a problem?
    Due to interchange in PAN records my DIN certificate is also showing as Shivaraj Pooja.
    Thank you in advance for your reply

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