Know Chandigarh VAT TIN Dealer Details Search by Name or TIN Number

Search, Verify and know Chandigarh VAT Dealers TIN Details by Name or registered TIN Number. First 2 digit codes for Chandigarh State VAT TIN is 04, so all the Chandigarh State registered Dealer will have 04 as their starting two digit.  As per the VAT rule dealer can have single VAT TIN Number in his name.  This VAT TIN Number will remain same for CST registration. Now you can check Dealer details for chandigarh for Chandigarh state.

Following Details for the Dealer will be generated for the given TIN Number for Chandigarh Dealer

TIN Number of the Dealer

Sales Tax Number

Name of the Dealer

CST Number of the Dealer

Address of Dealer

Ward Number

Search Chandigarh State VAT TIN Details by TIN Number or Search VAT Dealer ward wise, total there are 7 wards so one can search dealer from each ward.

Search Chandigarh Dealer VAT TIN Details using TIN Number

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