Income Tax TDS Rates Chart for Year 2012-2013 and 2013-14

Latest Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Rates Chart for Year 2012-2013 and 2013-14 as per Income Tax Act, 1961. Income tax has prescribed the different TDS rates for different payments like TDS Rates on Payment of Interest, TDS on payment to NRI, TDS rate on winning from lottery or puzzle or quiz shows, TDS rate on payment made to contractor, TDS rate on Rent on House, TDS Rate on Rental on Plant & Machinery, TDS rate on payment made to professional for their services.Check Your TDS Deduction Statement Online Form 26ASFinance Act, 2013 has imposed the TDS at the rate of 1 percent on the value of the transfer of immovable properties where consideration exceeds  Rs.50 lakhs. Agricultural land to be exempted from TDS provision.

Particulars of PaymentRate of Deduction
TDS on Interest Income  10%
TDS on Payment to NRI20%/30%
TDS on Winning from Lottery, crossword, puzzles30%
TDS on Winning from horse races30%
TDS on Individual, HUF contractor or sub contractor1%
TDS on Other contractor, sub contractor except individual and HUF2%
TDS on Insurance commission (for other assessee except company)10%
TDS on Insurance commission company10%
Commission and brokerage10%
TDS on Rent on plant and building2%
TDS on Rent on land, building and furniture10%
TDS on On professional and technical fees10%
TDS on Salary Income: As per Income Tax Slab Rates


27 thoughts to “Income Tax TDS Rates Chart for Year 2012-2013 and 2013-14”

  1. sir,
    I want to know whether TDS to be deducted from payment in respect of Royalty to book writers, etc.
    kindly clarify

  2. please spacify for tds rates of NRI or NRO a/c bank deposit or bank interest income without pan card or with pan card submission in the bank.

  3. Declaration in para 4 refers “previous year ending on ……relevant to the assessment year…….will be nil “.When a 15H is to be submitted fn advance ,say in first week of April 2013 ,for exemption of TDS on FD ,relating interest to be accrued in financial yr.2013-14 (ass .yr.2014-15 ) ,the estimated interest coming in next year ,viz. in fin.yr.2013-14 is to be mentioned in the schedule /table and accordingly in the declaration of para 4, “prev.yr.ending on March2014 relating to the assessment year 2014-15 will be nil ” should be furnished . Do I understand right ? Or,should be all about previous year meaning financial year 2012-13 ,assessment year 2013-14 in the specific example? Invited due clarification

  4. actually our problem is , we have contractual staff & we paid cellular exp . & local conveyance along with salary after deduct TDS . tell me sir it is right or wrong.could we deduct TDS on cellular & conv.?

    1. Alok Ji, TDS is to deducted on gross payment, so its right that you had deducted the TDS on total payment but there is always 2 side on coin.. someone can give you the advice of not to deduct the TDS but its always better to deduct TDS and work on safer side.

  5. Admin,
    I am teaching in a Commercial coaching Classes its a pvt. ltd. co. they pay me 150 per hour basis i have joined just a week before and as per my calculations i will probably get around 18 hrs a week so that comes to 2700 per week however they make payment on monthly basis so will they deduct TDS from my salary and if yes how much .. . . .???

    1. Sir TDS from salary depends on your Income Tax slab as per the above calculation Annual Income for Income Tax purpose will be 2700*52=140400/- which is below taxable limit of Rs 2 lakhs, so they will not deduct TDS but Income case they you are not on their payroll they will deduct TDS for payment to professional @ 10% on whatever payment.

  6. Sir,

    If an employee getting salary cash in hand 20000/- per month from a limited company. and his CTC is Rs. 300000/- per annum. The company at the end of financial year issue Form 16/16A or not., whereas his tax deduction is zero. Is there any rule thoise who have not liable to pay the tax will not issue Foirm 16/16A by his employer. Regards, Rohtash

    1. Rohtash Ji, if no TDS is deducted then how can company issue Form 16/16A. Form 16/16A are the proof of tax deduction.

  7. I am making payment to credit information co which provides credit report of customer for loan at which rate i have to deduct tds on payment

  8. Sir,

    Pls. send TDS Rates F.Y 2010-11 to 2013-14 and Income Tax Rate A.Y. 2010-11 to 2013-14
    Form-H, Form-F , Form-C Details.

    Anil kumar

  9. sir,
    i want to know about deduction of TDS on payment of commission for purchase of agricultural land within India ………
    actually my client has paid tax last year but this yr his tax liability is below limit and although he purchase a agri land and paid commission on that . Should TDS is to be deducted on that commission or not?

    Please reply my

  10. Hello

    I am owner of digital agency. We outsource some work to other freelancers in India. How much TDS we have to deduct from der invoice amount.

    1. its payment for professional or work contract will decide the TDS rate . For works contract its 1% and payment to professional its 10% TDS

  11. Sir, I’m a salaried person and filed ITR for AY-2012-13 (after the due date). Can I claim tax deductions from AY-2012-13 which I forgot to claim and how can I link them to ITR for AY-2013-14. Pls advise. B/Regards – Vinod Kumar

    1. You can’t claim past year deduction in current year. i.e insurance paid in Financial year 2011-12 can’t be claimed in Assessment Year 2013-14. Deduction for Financial Year 2012-13 can be claimed in AY 2013-14 return i.e. insurance paid in Yr 2012-13 only

  12. dear sir . i want to ask a quest. sir . i paid a hotel bill RS . 38000 . so plz tell me what i should tds deducted on amount.

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