How to Improve the Quality of Scrutiny Assessments – Central Action Plan ('Cap') For Financial Year 2012-13

The CBDT has laid special emphasis in the CAP 2012-13 for improving the quality of assessments. In this regard, a strategy has been mentioned at Annexure-II (pgs. 38-43) of CAP Document.

The then Member (IT) had asked the Chief-Commissioners of Income-tax (‘CCsIT’) to send list of top 100 quality assessments in respective charges. This direction of Member was not complied with by many of CCsIT which has been viewed seriously by the Board. It is expected from the field-formation that in future the directions of the Board will not be ignored.

Some CCsIT have forwarded the list in mechanical manner without bringing out the quality aspect of the assessments. The analysis of the information supplied to the Board shows that the quality of assessments in the FY 2011-12 has been far from satisfactory in majority of cases.

The CCsIT are therefore requested to sensitize the Assessing Officers in their Region to pay focused attention towards the pending assessments to be completed till March, 2013. The strategy mentioned in CAP document should be followed by each Assessing Officer to bring out the quality in assessments. The steps suggested in the guidelines for scrutiny cases should also be scrupulously adhered to.

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