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  1. Pan Number AFIPD0072M
    My pan card was shown on the website so have been filing my returns.Last year after filing the return my CA told me that I have to apply for a fresh pan number.This made me take up the matter myself..On meeting the person in the computer section in response to the official letter was informed that my number was in order but seems its shifted to another name .We have rectified it and the card will reach your address.

    As the pan was on the web when I paid my tax but vanished when I asked my CA for refund.

    Please let me have a copy of the Pan Card to enable me to deposit myntax and file my return.Without verifying the number, it is not possible to just deposit the tax.Verify it by return email by furnishing with a copy of my pan in official records to enable me to use it to pay advance if required tax and file my return.

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