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HT Howard - Flywheel grinding refacing for car and van ...

With the rotary table mounted on the refacing machine the flywheel is placed onto the rotary table having first checked that the mounting face is clean and true. This ensures that the flywheel will be clamped down squarely before machining begins. This is extremely important as a flywheel machined out of true will cause a bad clutch action once in operation.

Brake and Flywheel Used Machines for Sale The Ultimate Tooling

Brake and flywheel used machinery. This section is dedi ed to all the used machine tools you need for brakes and clutches grinding operation such as: used lathes for discs and drums used grinders and riveting machines for brake shoes used grinders for flywheels and clutch pressure plates.

Van Norman Model FG10000 Super Duty Flywheel Grinding Machine

The FG10000 Flywheel Grinder is a solid well-built machine designed for grinding a variety of flywheels. One of the most versatile grinders on the market today the FG10000 Flywheel Grinder resurfaces automotive and import stepped flywheels truck flat flywheels heavy duty truck stepped flywheels center plates and racing clutch components.

More About Flywheel Grinding 03 - YouTube

John Edwards anwers some viewer questions about flywheel gringing. 949 631-6376

Van Norman Flywheel Grinder Rotational Surface Grinder

We proudly stand behind our machines and have a support staff ready to help with any issue that may arise. We have videos on how to properly set the machine up how to grind a standard flywheel and how to grind a stepped flywheel. What You Need To Know When Buying a Flywheel Grinder Grinding Stone Information

What You Need To Know When Buying a ... - Flywheel Grinding

Competitive machines do not offer this feature as standard equipment. Van Norman by Irontite Flywheel Grinding machine has the most complete and comprehensive tooling package. Competitive machines require many optional tooling components to do even the most common flywheels. This factor must be considered when evaluating costs. The Choice Seems ...

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