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researcher studies the possibility of growing saffron

Saffron: The Salubrious Spice - American Botanical Council

Since ancient times saffron Crocus sativus Iridaceae has been valued in the medical traditions of Persia Greece Egypt and India. Strangely though it has largely been ignored by scientists and by the West — until now.


The average acreage of Iranian saffron in a growing trend in recent years has been reached from 18000 hectares to 76000 hectares. But unfortunately the yield per hectare of saffron production in Iran has declined from about 7 kg to 3 kg per hectare. The result of ...

PDF An introduction to research paradigms

They recognize the possibility of limitations in the researcher& 39;s beliefs apprehensions and values as it may enter into the thing that is observed Rehman and Alharthi 2016 . ...

Saffron: Health benefits side effects and how to use it

Saffron is a spice with a distinct taste and aroma. Due to its antioxidant content it may provide a variety of health benefits. Learn about them here. In general the consumption of saffron ...

Saffron Research Shows Anti-Cancer Activity - Integrative Cancer Answers

Saffron Crocus sativus also known as Hong Hua in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used both as a culinary spice and as a medicinal botanical on many continents throughout history for over 3000 years. Recent research demonstrates that a component of saffron a orange-red colored carotenoid called crocetin shows promise as an anti-cancer agent.

Big tobacco and science UC Davis Health

Such studies the authors also say were often published in scientific journals that had industry representatives on their editorial boards. In one case cited by Tong and Glantz the manuscript by RJ Reynolds& 39; scientists was reviewed for Inhalation Toxicology by an employee of RJ Reynolds before its publi ion in 1998.

Researcher Studies the Possibility of Growing Saffron in Vermont - UVM Food Feed

Saffron is a flavorful spice largely grown thousands of miles away in the Middle East. But that isn’t stopping a UVM researcher from testing the viability of growing saffron right here in Vermont. Dr. Margaret Skinner a research professor at the UVM Entomology Research Lab talked to Vermont Public Radio about whether saffron can be grown in high tunnels in Vermont.

Aeroponics - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

In aeroponic growing systems the roots of plants are suspended in a volume where emitters continually or intermittently spray the roots with nutrient solution. The construction is similar to DFT closed square box of about 1.2 m wide and 5–10 m long but there is no water layer rather there is a constant misting of the roots. ...

Research reveals potential for growing potatoes on Mars and challenging areas of Earth - International Potato Center

“Countries around the world have areas with desert-like conditions and in the future they will want to consider growing potatoes in them” observes Amoros. “What makes me happy isn’t so much that these potatoes could one day be grown on Mars but that this experiment has helped us to identify potatoes that can help farmers produce potatoes in areas of this planet where it currently ...

American-Grown Saffron Could Change the Spice Trade Civil Eats

Although there’s a history of saffron-growing in the U.S.—the Pennsylvania Dutch have grown it since the 17th century— the practice is not as widespread in this country as it once was. To bring it back Arash Ghalehgolabbehbahani a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Vermont decided to launch an experimental saffron project.

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