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stripping value of aggregate

Determination of The Stripping Value of Aggregates on Bituminous Mix

Disbonding of bitumen film from the surface of the aggregate in the presence of water or moisture is usually known as stripping.Bitumen and tar adhere well to all normal types of aggregates provided that they are not exceptionally dusty and dry.The stripping value is defined as the ratio of the average uncovered or stripped area observed visually to the total area of aggregates in each test ...

Stripping Value Test On Road Aggregates - Civil Planets

The stripping value of aggregates determined by static immersion method as per IS code 6241. How to find the stripping value of road aggregate? The stripping value is calculated in percentage by the ratio of uncovered area aggregates which is not coated by bitumen to the total aggregates area. Apparatus Required

STRIPPING VALUE TEST of Aggregate - YouTube

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stripping value test of aggregate - YouTube

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STRIPPING VALUE OF COARSE AGGREGATE IS 6241 - Civil Engineering Solution

Stripping Value % = B/A X 100. The stripping value shall be the ratio of the uncovered area observed visually to the total area of the aggregates in each test expressed as a percentage. Read more : Method of Deleterious material test of aggregate by routine examination; Method Abrasion value test of aggregate; Method of Impact value test of ...

Stripping Value Test On Road Aggregates - The Constructor

Appli ions of stripping value test: Some types of aggregates have a lesser affinity with bitumen in comparison with water and hence stripping value of the bituminous binder is done when the mix is immersed in water. The problem of stripping in coated aggregate is not so amenable to theoretical treatment.

Asphalt Stripping Value Test of Aggregates-Transportation Engineering Lab

The stripping value of bitumen or asphalt is obtained by means of visual experiment. The IRC Indian Road Congress explained the asphalt stripping value of aggregate should not be more than 25 percent. What is the need of stripping value of aggregate? You need to check the stripping value of aggregate before the construction of pavement.

Stripping Value Test On Aggregates Objectives Lab Procedure ...

The procedure of Stripping Value Test on Aggregates. The procedure of the stripping value test involves the following series of steps: 1. A well-cleaned aggregate sample passing through 20mm IS sieve and retained on 12.5mm sieve is taken.

Stripping value Test of Road Aggregate - Cement Concrete

The more the stripping value the poorer are the aggregates from point of view of adhesion. IRC has specified the maximum stripping value of 25% for aggregates to be used in bituminous road construction. You’ll also like: Marshall mix design methodapparatus and procedure. Aggregate Impact value Test Apparatus Procedure and uses.


DETERMINATION OF STRIPPING VALUE OF AGGREGATES STANDARD IS: 6241-1971. DEFINITION The stripping value of aggregates is determined as the ratio of the uncovered area observed visually to the total area of aggregates expressed as a percentage. APPARATUS Heat resistant glass beaker of 500 ml capacity. 20mm and 12.5mm IS sieves. Mixer.

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