Download UPVat Form – XLI

Download UPVAT FORM – XLI : Register to be maintained by registered dealers who obtain Declaration forms from the Issuing authority

As per UP VAT Rule 56 Issue and submission of declaration forms and matters incidental thereto

(1) A registered dealer desirous of importing or receiving into the State from any place outside the State, goods notified under or referred to in sub-section (1) of section 50 in excess of the quantity, measure or value specified there under, shall send to the selling dealer or consignor of the other State two copies of the declaration obtained by him under sub-rule (4) or downloaded from official website of the department.

(2) The registered dealer shall apply to the assessing authority having jurisdiction over his principal place of business, for the issue of blank Declaration Forms or shall download from official website of the department in such manner as the Commissioner may prescribe: Provided that the assessing authority at the time of issue of declaration or certificate may require the dealer to furnish such details as may be required by the instructions issued by the Commissioner from time to time.

(3) No blank declaration form shall be issued by the assessing authority except on payment of a fee at a rate of fifty rupees per form or such amount as may be determined by the State Government from time to time. The application shall be signed by one of the persons mentioned in sub-rule(6) of rule 32.

(4) If the assessing authority is satisfied that the demand of the dealer for blank declaration forms is genuine and reasonable, he may issue such number of forms, as he deems fit. No declaration form shall be issued unless the dealer has rendered an account of all such forms obtained earlier.

(5) If the fee paid is more than the fee payable for the forms issued, the balance shall remain to the credit of the dealer to be adjusted against future issues of the forms to him.

(6) The registered dealer shall send the original and duplicate portions of the form to the selling dealer or consignor of the other State after filling in all the required particulars and signing it.

(7) Every declaration form downloaded or obtained under subrule (4) shall be kept by the registered dealer in safe custody. He shall be personally liable for the loss, destruction or theft

of any such form and the loss to the Government revenue, if any, resulting directly or indirectly from such loss, destruction or theft.

(8) No registered dealer who has downloaded or obtained adeclaration form shall transfer the same to another personexcept for the lawful purpose of sub-rule (1).

(9) Every registered dealer to whom a declaration form is issuedunder sub-rule (4) or downloaded by the dealer shall maintain in register in Form XLI a true and complete account of every such form. If any form is lost, destroyed or stolen, the dealer shall forthwith report the fact to the assessing authority, make appropriate entries in the aforesaid register and take steps to issue proper public notice of such loss, destruction or theft.

(10) The registered dealer shall forthwith surrender all unused forms remaining in stock with him at the time of discontinuance of his business or on the cancellation or expiry of the period of validity of his registration certificate, as the case may be.

(11) When a duly completed declaration form, issued by the purchasing dealer or the consignee to the selling dealer or consignor, is lost in transit or by the selling dealer or consignor, the purchasing dealer or consignee shall, on demand by such selling dealer or consignor, issue a duplicate declaration form to him in the same manner as declaration form originally issued: Provided that before issuing it, the

purchasing dealer or consignee shall give the following declaration in red ink, duly signed by him on each of the three portions of such duplicate form;

“I, hereby declare that this is the duplicate of the declaration form no. ….. signed on ……. and issued to M/S ……………….….. in respect of …… (Description of goods)

valuing Rs. ……. Signature”

(12) The Commissioner shall, from time to time, publish in the Gazette the particulars of the dealer and the form in respect of which a report has been received under sub-rule(9).

(13) The Commissioner may, by notification, declare that forms of a particulars series, design or colour shall be deemed obsolete and invalid with effect from such date as he may specify, and may in their place substitute new forms of fresh series, design or colour.

(14) Where a notification is issued under sub-rule (13), all registered dealers shall on or before the date with effect from which the forms are so declared obsolete and invalid,surrender to the assessing authority all unused forms declared obsolete and invalid which may be in their possession and obtain in exchange such new forms as may be substituted in

place thereof: Provided that new forms shall not be issued to a dealer until he has rendered account of the forms previously

issued to him and until he has returned the balance, if any, to the Assistant Commissioner.

(15) No registered dealer shall issue any declaration except in a declaration form obtained by him from the assessing authority or downloaded by the dealer from the website, having jurisdiction over his principal place of business and not declared obsolete or invalid under the provisions of subrule(


(16) The assessing authority shall, in respect of all declaration forms received from other authorities, issued by him to dealers and surrendered by the dealers, maintain an account in a register prescribed by the Commissioner.

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