Download Tamil Nadu Vat Form BB

Download Tamil Nadu Vat FORM BB: Form of Application for Review to the Appellate Tribunal under Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax

As per Tamil Nadu Vat Rules 14

(a) Every application for review under clause (b) of sub-section (7) of section 58 to the Appellate

Tribunal shall be preferred in Form BB and shall be verified in the manner specified therein. Where the application is preferred by the departmental authority, it shall be signed and verified in the manner aforesaid by the Deputy Commissioner concerned.

(b) It shall be in quadruplicate and shall be accompanied by four copies of the order of the Appellate Tribunal, one of which shall be a certified copy.

(c) Every such application for review preferred by any party other than a departmental authority, be accompanied by a treasury receipt or a money receipt issued by the Department or a crossed demand draft or pay order of a Bank in support of having paid the fee calculated at the rate of two per cent of the disputed tax and penalty subject to a minimum of rupees five hundred only and a maximum of rupees two thousand only.

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