Download RVAT Form Vat- 07

Download RVAT FORM VAT- 07 : Purchase Register/ Statement of Purchases against VAT Invoices

As per RVAT Rule 18 Purchase Register against VAT Invoices

The extent of input tax credit available to a registered dealer, for a tax period, shall be equal to the amount of tax paid on purchases in the State as evident from the Original VAT invoice, and where such invoice has been lost or destroyed, on the basis of duplicate copy thereof issued to him in accordance with sub-rule (4) of rule 38, subject to the other provisions of this rule and the following conditions:-

(a) that such dealer has maintained a true and correct separate account of his purchases against VAT Invoices in Form VAT-07 and submits the summary thereof in Form VAT-07A, along with return prescribed in Rule 19. The return referred to in sub-section (1) of section 21 of the Act, shall be submitted by a dealer in Form VAT-10, VAT-10A and VAT-11, as the case

may be.

Where the amount of tax, interest or late fee, if any, is not paid electronically the

dealer shall furnish the copy of challan in Form VAT-37, receipt in Form VAT-38 or

certificate of tax deduction at source, as a proof of deposit, to the assessing authority or

the officer authorize by the Commissioner, within fifteen days of the last date for filing

of such return(s).

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