Download P Vat Form Vat-5

Download P VAT Form VAT-5 Application for Amendment in registration details or in case of transfer of business under Punjab Value Added Tax Act, 2005.

As per Punjab vat Rule 11& 12

An application for amendment of registration granted under the Act, shall be made in Form VAT-5 within a period of thirty days from the occurrence of the event necessitating such amendment. The application, shall specify clearly the amendment required to be made and the reasons therefor The designated officer , if satisfied with the reasons given, for making such amendment, may allow to make the proposed amendment and inform the applicant in Form VAT- 6

Provided that if the amendment of registration relates to an additional place of any business, located outside the jurisdiction of the designated officer, then an information about the amendment ,shall also be forwarded to the designated officer within whose jurisdiction such additional place of business is situated.

An application for amendment of registration in case of transfer of business, shall be made in Form VAT– 5 by the transferee to the designated officer within a period of thirty days of his acquiring ownership of the business and the provisions of rules 9 and 11, shall mutatis mutandis apply.

Information to be furnished regarding change of business.

If any taxable person or registered person –

(a) sells or otherwise disposes of his business or any place of business; or

(b) discontinues or transfers his business or changes his place of business or opens a new place of business; or

(c) changes the name, constitution or nature of his business; or


(d) wants to make any change in the class or classes of goods dealt by him,

he shall, inform the designated officer in the prescribed manner, and, if any such person dies, his legal representative shall in the like manner, inform the said authority.

Transfer of business.

Where the ownership of the business of a person is entirely transferred and the transferee carries on such business either in the same name or in some other name, the transferee shall for all the purposes of this Act, be deemed to be and to have always been registered as if, the registration of such person had initially been granted to the transferee; and the transferee shall on application to

the designated officer, be entitled to have the registration amended accordingly in the prescribed manner.

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