Download Maharashtra Vat Form-707

Download Maharashtra VAT FORM 707 List of Sales Tax Practitioners qualified under section 82 of the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002

As per Maharashtra VAT Rule 74(3)

Rule 74 Fees.

(1)   A uniform extra copying fee of rupees ten per copy shall be charged on an  applicationfor a copy  required urgently.

(2) (a) All  fees  payable under this  rule  shall  be  paid  in  the manner  in which tax isto be paid  under rule  45.

(b) The  amount of  fees  indicated in  column (3)  of  the Table  below  against the memorandum of appeal or the  respective application  specified in column 2thereof  shall  be payable when such  memorandum  is presented or application ismade.

             Provided that, 1[where fees specified in column (3) of the Table below is rupees hundred or less, it] may  be pay  by affixing  a court  fee stamp  of such  value  on the respective application form.

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