Download Kerala Vat Form NO. 21 F

Download Kerala VAT FORM NO. 21 F: Refund of Tax Paid By U.N Agencies/Diplomatic

Machine Consulate under the Kerala Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

As per Kerala vat rule 49(2)
Reimbursement of tax to Foreign Diplomatic Missions, United Nations’ Agencies-

(1) Foreign Diplomatic Mission or Consulate in India, Agencies of the United Nations’ Organization, any consular or diplomatic agent of any such mission or agency claiming reimbursement under section 14, shall file an application in Form No. 21 E before the assessing authority having jurisdiction over the area in which the office of such agency is situated, along with the invoice or sale bill evidencing collection of tax.

(2) On receipt of the documents mentioned in sub-rule (1) the assessing authority shall issue a refund order in Form No. 21F within two weeks from the date of receipt of such documents.

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