Download Kerala Vat Form No. 20 A

Download Kerala VAT FORM No. 20 A: Certificate to receive payment of the contract amount in full without any TDS under the Kerala Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

As per Kerala vat rule 42(1)

The declaration specified in sub-section (2) of section 10 shall be in Form No. 20, the quarterly certificate in Form No. 20 A and the liability certificate shall be in Form No. 20 B

AS PER SECTION 10-(1) Every awarder shall deduct from every payment, including advance payment, made by him to any works contractor liable to pay tax under section 6, in relation to any works contract awarded, the tax payable by the contractor in respect of such contract under that section, whether the transfer of goods involved in the execution of works contract is in the form of goods or not, and remit it to Government, in the prescribed manner, within five days from the date of such deduction. Every such awarder shall also file such return as may be prescribed.

(1) For the purposes of sub-section (1) the awarder shall obtain from the contractor a declaration in the prescribed form, showing his tax liability in relation to such works contract:

Provided that the awarder shall obtain from the contractor quarterly certificate issued by the assessing authority showing the tax liability or tax remittances, as the case may be, of the contractor in relation to the contract up to the end of the previous quarter.

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