Download Kerala Vat Form No. 15

Download Kerala VAT FORM No. 15: Form of Delivery Note under the Kerala Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

As per Kerala vat rule 58(16)

Every wholesale dealer while delivering goods to retail dealer in pursuance of sale where no sale bill is issued or every person who consigns goods by any vehicle or vessel or any other means in pursuance of a sale, where a sale bill is not issued, or consigns goods through the said means from one godown to another or from one of his shops to another for the purpose of storage or sale, shall issue a delivery note in Form No. 15 Delivery Note shall also be used for the transport of such goods as may be notified by Government from time to time even where such goods are accompanied by sale bill, invoice or cash memorandum, as the case may be. A blank book of Delivery Note of Form No. 15 shall be obtained from the assessing authority, on payment of a fee at the rate of seventy five rupees per book of fifty forms.

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