Download Kerala Vat Form No. 11 A

Download Kerala VAT FORM No. 11 A: Return For Clearing, Forwarding, Transporting, Shipping, Courier Agencies under the Kerala Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

As per Kerala vat rule 30

The return mentioned in section 52 shall be in Form No. 11 A and shall be submitted every month so as to reach the assessing authority of the area on or before the 10th day of the month following that to which it relates.

As per section 52-Every clearing or forwarding house or agency, transporting agency, shipping agency, shipping out agency, railway authorities, air cargo authorities or steamer agency in the State shall submit to the assessing authority of the area such returns and information as may be prescribed of all goods cleared, forwarded, transported, or shipped by it. The assessing authority concerned shall have the power to call for and examine the books of account or other documents in the possession of such agency with a view to verify the correctness of the returns submitted and the agency shall be bound to furnish the books of account or other documents when so called for.

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