Download Jammu & Kashmir Vat Form Vat-42

Download J&K FORM VAT – 42 Intimation regarding Cross-Checking of transactions under section 91(3) of the J&K Value Added Tax Act

As per J&K VAT Rule 94 Section 91 Cross-Checking of transactions

(1) With a view to preventing evasion of tax and ensuring proper compliance with the provisions of the Act, the Commissioner or any other officer appointed under sub-section (2) of section 3 not below the rank of Assessing Authority may from time to time collect information regarding sales and urchase effected by any person or any class of persons and cause any of such transactions of sale and purchase to be cross-checked.

(2) The officer referred to in sub-section (1) may from, time to time require any person or any class of persons to furnish such information, detail and particulars as may be specified regarding the ransactions of sales and purchases effected by them for a period, to such authority, and by such date, as may be required.

(3) The Commissioner or any other officer appointed under subsection (2) of section 3 shall cause any of such transactions to be crosschecked by reference to the books of accounts of the purchasing and

selling persons. For this purpose, the concerned officer shall send an intimation in the prescribed form to the person whose books of accounts are required for the purpose of cross-checking, stating therein the detail of the transactions proposed to be cross-checked and the time and date on which any officer, duly authorized to cross-check the transactions will visit the place where the books of accounts are ordinarily kept by the taxable or registered person.

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