Download Jammu & Kashmir Vat Form Vat-16


As per J&K VAT Rule 33 Tax Audit

(1) For the purpose of selection of dealers for tax audit under Section 36 the Commissioner shall seek a report from the Jurisdictional Assessing Authority regarding all such dealers where :-

a) the quantum of sales are not commensurate with the quantum of purchases and the stock held in trade by the dealer;

b) there is substantial increase or decrease in taxable turnover of sales in any tax period as compared to previous tax period;

c) Nil returns are being received in case of dealers who hitherto have been returning taxable sales ;and

[2] Where the Commissioner on the basis of information available with him as per sub-rule(1) above or has otherwise reasons to believe that any dealer is trying to evade liability to tax under the Act and anything necessary for the

purpose of investigation into his liability can be found by way of tax audit may direct any Tax Officer to undertake tax audit of records, tock in trade and the related documents of such dealer.

Provided that the authority so directed shall give a reasonable notice in writing in Form VAT-16 to the dealer fixing the date, time and place for conducting tax audit.

Provided further that strict regard shall be had to the convenience of the dealer , when such Tax Audit is conducted.

(3) The report of tax audit shall be submitted to the Commissioner within 30 days.

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