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FORM NO. 3CEE for Application for Withdrawal of APA Request. FORM NO. 3CEE is used by the tax payer for withdrawal of Advance Pricing Agreement Request.In any case in which the Assessing Officer is of opinion that the actual amount of the income accruing or arising to any non-resident person whether directly or indirectly, through or from any business connection in India or through or from any property in India or through or from any asset or source of income in India or through or from any money lent at interest and brought into India in cash or in kind cannot be definitely ascertained, the amount of such income for the purposes of assessment to income-tax may be calculated :—

 (i)  at such percentage of the turnover so accruing or arising as the Assessing Officer] may consider to be reasonable, or

(ii)  on any amount which bears the same proportion to the total profits and gains of the business of such person (such profits and gains being computed in accordance with the provisions of the Act), as the receipts so accruing or arising bear to the total receipts of the business, or

(iii)  in such other manner as the Assessing Officer may deem suitable.


[See sub-rule (2) of rule 10J]

Application for withdrawal of APA request


The Competent Authority of India,


The Director General of Income-tax (International Taxation),

New Delhi


This is to state that__________________________________(Name of the Taxpayer) had filed an application for Unilateral/Bilateral/Multilateral APA on______________. For the reasons stated below, the application is hereby withdrawn:

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information furnished with regard to the withdrawal of the application is correct and truly stated and I fully understand that the fee paid by me under rule 10-I of Income-tax Rules shall not be refunded.


Yours faithfully,



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