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FORM NO. 10 for Notice of Accumulation of Income. FORM NO. 10 is the format of the notice of accumulation of income to be given by charitable trust or scientific research association to the prescribed authority for the accumulating income for a period not exceeding 5yrs. The notice to be given to the Assessing Officer or the prescribed authority under sub-section (2) of section 11 or under the said provision as applicable under clause (21) or clause (23) of section 10 shall be in Form No. 10 and shall be delivered before the expiry of the time allowed under sub-section (1) of section 139, for furnishing the return of income.


[See rule 17]

Notice to the Assessing Officer/Prescribed Authority under section 11(2) of the Income-tax Act, 1961


The Assessing Officer/Prescribed Authority,

I __________, on behalf of ___________________[name of the trust/institution/association] hereby bring to your notice that it has been decided by a resolution passed by the trustees/governing body, by whatever name called, on _______ (copy enclosed) that, out of the income of the trust/institution/association for the previous year(s), relevant to the assessment year _______ and subsequent previous year(s), an amount of Rs._______
per cent of the income of the trust/institution/association, such sum as is available at the end of the previous year(s) should be accumulated or set apart till the previous year(s) ending ________ in order to enable the trustees/governing body by whatever name called, to accumulate sufficient funds for carrying out the following purposes of the trust/association/institution :__

2. Before expiry of six months commencing from the end of each previous year, the amount so accumulated or set apart has been/will be invested or deposited in any one or more of the forms or modes specified in sub-section (5) of section 11.


3. Copies of the annual accounts of the trust/institution/association along with details of investment (including deposits) and utilisation, if any, of the money so accumulated or set apart will be furnished to you before the expiry of six months commencing from the end of each relevant previous year.

4. It is requested that in view of our complying with the conditions laid down in section 11(2) of the income-tax Act, 1961, the benefit of that section may be given in the assessments of the trust exempting the income in respect of the trust/institution/association in respect of the incomes accumulated or set apart as mentioned above.







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