Download Haryana Vat Form Vat-R5

Download HARYANA VAT Form VAT – R5: Form of return to be furnished by a Casual Trader

As per Haryana VAT Rule 29(6)

(1) A casual trader shall, at least three days before commencing his business in the State, make an application in Form VAT-A3 in person or through his authorised agent to the officer incharge of the district who shall assign the same to the assessing


(2) On receipt of an application made under sub-section (1), the assessing authority shall verify immediately the contents thereof and shall, after obtaining such further information as it may consider necessary for estimating the tax liability of the applicant, direct him to deposit in the appropriate Government treasury or pay in cash against receipt in Form VAT-G4 an amount, which shall not exceed estimated tax liability for seven days or such lesser period for which he wishes to conduct business,

as security.

(3) The assessing authority shall, after the proof of payment of security has been furnished to him, allot a temporary registration number to the casual trader and shall issue him a registration slip in Form VAT-G5 along with as many declarations in Form VAT-D3 as shall meet his genuine requirement against payment of the price thereof.

(4) The officer incharge of a district shall maintain a register in Form VAT-G6 showing the record of registration, assessment, payment of tax and cancellation of registration of casual dealers in his district.

(5) A casual trader shall pay tax on sales effected by him in a day on the following day in the manner laid down in rule 35.

(6) Every casual trader shall furnish a return in Form VAT-R5 in respect of his business to the appropriate assessing authority immediately, but not later than three days, after the closure of his business in the State. The return shall be accompanied with the proof of payment of tax and unused VAT-D3 declaration form(s), if any.

(7) The assessing authority shall, after examination of the return furnished to it by the casual trader, used and unused VAT-D3 forms issued to him, the accounts maintained by him including the sale invoices issued, assess him to tax on the same day when the return is received or as soon afterwards as possible and after adjusting any tax due from him refund the balance amount of security to him but where any amount is found due from him after adjustment of security, he shall pay the same immediately. The details of each case for assessment shall be entered in the register in Form VAT-G3.

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