Download Haryana Vat Form Vat-R12

Download HARYANA VAT Form VAT – R12: Form of Return to Be Furnished By An Unregistered Dealer

As per Haryana VAT Rule 16(1)

When the declaration in Form VAT-D1 are not available with the appropriate assessing authority, an authorised dealer may with the prior permission of the officer incharge of the district, in which his place of business is situated and in case he has business in more than one district, his head office as declared under rule 15 is situated, get the said forms self-printed and get them authenticated by the appropriate assessing authority who shall authenticate each form by stamping with his official seal and putting his signatures:

Provided that the officer incharge of a district may, in case of shortage or non-availability of blank forms in his district, by a general order issue permission for such period in favour of all or such authorised dealers or class or classes of dealers registered in his district as may be specified in the order to get the self-printed forms authenticated by the appropriate assessing authority. He shall withdraw the order when he finds that the forms printed under the authority of the State Government are available in sufficient numbers.

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