Download Goa Vat Form – XXIV

Download Goa Vat Form – XXIV Application by an Employer for the grant of Registration

As per Goa Vat Rule 14 Registration of dealers –

(1) An application for registration by a dealer under sub-section(2) of section 18 of the Act shall be made in Form VAT-I hereto within 30 days from the date of commencement of liability to pay tax under the Act, to the Appropriate Assessing Authority. An application for registration under sub-section(3) of section 18 shall also be made in Form VAT – I hereto.

(2)The registration and the renewal fees as specified in second Schedule appended to these rules shall be paid by challan in Form VAT–V hereto in the appropriate Government treasury. Receipted copy of the challan thereof shall be submitted along with the application. An application for renewal of registration certificate shall be made as per the provisions provided in Rule 16.

(3) Provisions of sub-rule(1) and (2) above, shall also be applicable to any dealer making application for registration after succession of any business registered under the Act:

Provided that the registration fee of equal amount shall be payable on such application as paid by the preceding dealer, immediately before such registration.

(4) An application for registration shall be made, signed and verified in the case of a business owned by,-

an individual, by the proprietor or by a person having due authority to act on behalf of such proprietor;

(b) a firm, by partner thereof;

(c) a Hindu Undivided Family, by the Karta or an

adult male member thereof;

(d) a body corporate(including a company,

co-operative society or a corporation or local authority) by a director, manager, secretary or principal officer thereof or by a person duly authorised to act on its behalf;

(e) an association of individuals to which clause (b),(c), or (d) does not apply, by the principal officer , or the person managing the business;the Government, by a person duly authorised to act on its behalf.

(5) The employer effecting deduction of tax at source as required under sub-section (1) of section 28 of the Act, shall apply for registration to the Appropriate Assessing Authority in prescribed Form VAT-XXIV hereto and no registration/renewal fee shall be payable on such application.

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