Download Goa Vat Form – XIX

Download Goa Vat Form-Xix Notice Of Rectification Of Clerical Or Arithmetical Mistake

As per Goa Vat Rule 39 Rectification of clerical or arithmetical mistakes.

(1) An assessing, appellate or revising authority may at any time within one year from the date of order passed by it rectify any clerical or arithmetical mistake apparent on the face of the record or otherwise brought to his notice; Provided that no rectification, which has an effect of enhancing the assessment, shall be made unless the authority concerned has given notice to the dealer concerned of its intention to do so and has allowed him a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

(2) where such rectification has the effect of reducing the assessment, the authority concerned shall order refund of the amount which may be due to the dealer.

(3) where such rectification has the effect of enhancing the assessment, the Appropriate Assessing Authority shall serve on the dealer a revised notice in Form VAT-XIX, and thereupon the provisions of the Act and these rules shall apply as if such notice had been served in the first instance.

(4) when any order passed as a consequence of rectification results in extra dues payable by the dealer, he shall call the dealer to pay the difference in tax within a period of sixty days by issue of necessary demand notice in Form VAT-XI

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