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As per GOA vat Rule 24 Tax payments.-

(1) Every registered dealer having monthly tax liability exceeding rupees one lakh, other than those opted for composition of tax under section 7, shall pay the tax payable under the Act for every month within twenty days from the expiry of each month.

(2) In respect of the registered dealer, other than those opted for composition of tax under section 7, having monthly tax liability upto one lakh, the payment shall be made within thirty days from expiry of each month.

(3) All payments of tax under the Act shall be made in the appropriate Government treasury under challan in Form


Where any registered dealer submits the return in the prescribed form without a copy of the challan for having paid tax due or with payment of tax lesser than what is due, the Appropriate Assessing Authority shall issue a notice in Form VAT-VI to the registered dealer for the tax not paid. Such notice shall be deemed to be a demand notice and the registered dealer shall pay the said amount demanded within thirty days from the date of service of such notice along with the interest for delayed payment at the rate provided in clause(a) of sub-section(4) of section 25

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