Download Form For : approval for declaration of dividend out of reserves

Form of application for approval for declaration of dividend out of reserves

How to e-file Form 

1)  Enter the ‘Corporate Identity Number’ (CIN) of the company,
You may find CIN by entering your existing registration number in the Find CIN/GLN service at the portal
2   Click the “Pre-fill” button . System will automatically display the name and registered office address of the company

3. Enter the following point wise details:

  •  Brief description for the proposal of the company.
  •  Rate of proposed dividend.
  • Amount of proposed dividend.
  •  Conditions, for the non-compliance of which the application is being made, as mentioned in the rule 2 of the Companies (Declaration of Dividend out of Reserves) Rules, 1975,

4.  Enter in brief the justification for declaration of dividend out of reserves, in cases:

  •  When the company is in loss.
  •  When the profit is inadequate for declaring dividend at the proposed rate.

5.  Enter the following amounts proposed to be utilized for declaration of dividend:

  •  Amount of profit for the current year proposed to be utilized for declaration of dividend.
  • Amount proposed to be withdrawn from the general reserves for declaration of dividend including the amount for dividend tax


  •  No objection letter from the company’s lead financial institution- if any.
  •  Copy of board of directors’ resolution in support of the company’s proposal.


Enter the date of board resolution authorising the signatory to sign and submit the application


The eform should be digitally signed by managing director or director or manager or secretary of the company duly authorised by the board of directors.

The eform should be certified by company secretary in whole-time practice by digitally signing the eform

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