Download Company Law Form DD-B For: Report by a public company

Download Company Law Form DD-B For: Report by a public company

Download Company Law Form DDB

Download Company Law Form DDB: Form No DDB used as a Report by a public company
How to e-file Form DDB

1. Enter the ‘Corporate Identity Number’ (CIN) of the company.
You may find CIN by entering existing registration number of the company in the ‘Find CIN/GLN’ service at the portal and Find Details of Company CIN, GLN, LLPIN using Name of Company, ROC registration number etc.

2. Click the “Pre-fill” button
System will automatically display the name and registered office address of the company.

3. Select the following options, any one or both, for which the company has failed to comply with.
If others have been selected then select any sub option, may be more than one, and enter the due date of payment for the option(s) selected.
Enter the date on which the period of one year has expired from the dates mentioned for any of the three options in ‘others’.
4. Enter particulars of all directors at the relevant period of default, for more than twelve directors then provide details in attachment.
No mandatory attachment with this eform.
Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment.
Enter the date of board resolution authorising the signatory to sign and submit the eform.
Digital Signature:
The eform should be digitally signed by managing director or director or secretary or manager of the company duly authorised by the board of directors.
Pre Fill: When the user clicks the pre fill button after entering the corporate identity number in eform (excepting eform 1A), the name and address is displayed by the system.
This button may appear more than once in a eform, and shall be required to be clicked for displaying the data pertaining to that field.
You are required to be connected to the internet for pre-filling.
Attach: You have to click the attach button corresponding to the document you are making an attachment. In case you wish to attach any other document, please click the optional attach button.
Remove Attach: You can view the attachments added to eform in the rectangle box provided next to the list of attachment. If the user wants to remove or delete any attachment, select the attachment to be removed and press the “Remove attachment” button.
Check Form: Once the form is filled up. The user is required to press the Check Form button. When this button is pressed form level validation is done such as, whether all the mandatory fields are filled up or not. If an error is displayed after pressing the button the user is required to correct the mistake and again press the “Check Form” button. When all the form level validation is done. A message is displayed that “Form level pre scrutiny is successful”. The Check Form is done without being connected to the internet.
Modify: “Modify” button gets enabled after the check form is done. By pressing this button the user can make the changes in the filled in form. If the user makes any change in the form again the user is required to press the “Check Form” button.
Pre Scrutiny: Once the check form is done the user is required to Pre scrutinize the eform. This requires being connected to the MCA21 site for uploading the form. On pre-scrutiny the system level check is performed and if there are any errors it is displayed to the user and once the error is corrected and again on Pre scrutiny if the message displayed is “No errors found. Click on the button below to “Get Form” Press the Get Form button and make the required corrections.
Submit: After pre scrutiny is done the user is required to submit the form. This requires being connected to the MCA21 site for uploading the form.
In case of online filing the user can submit the form by pressing the “Submit” button
Once the form is submitted the fee is displayed to the user. When the user press the “Pay” button the mode of payment option is displayed. On challan payment option, a challan is generated displaying the amount of fee to be paid. The user is required to take the print out of three copies of challan and submit the payment at authorized bank branch. The user has to submit three copies at bank and user shall receive one copy with bank acknowledgment for user’s record.

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