Download Company Law Form 22B: Form No 22B used as a Form of return to be filed with the Registrar

Download Company Law Form 22B

How to e-file Form 22B of company law

1 (a) Enter ‘Corporate Identity Number’ (CIN) of the company. You may find CIN by entering existing registration number or name of the company in the‘Find CIN/GLN’ service at the MCA21 portal and Find Details of Company CIN, GLN, LLPIN using Name of Company, ROC registration number etc.

2 (a), (b) Click the “Pre-fill” button System will automatically display the name and registered office address of the company.

3 Enter date on which declaration has been made by the person holding the beneficiary interest in the shares.

 4 Enter the date on which latest declaration has been received by the company.


  •  Declaration by person who does not hold the beneficiary interest as per section 187 C (1) is to be attached.
  •  Declaration by the person who holds the beneficiary interest187 C (2) is to be attached.
  •  Declaration by beneficial owner on any change in beneficial interest187 C (3).
  •  Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment.

 Declaration Enter the date of board resolution authorising the signatory to sign & submit the eForm. 

Digital Signature The eForm should be signed by managing director or director or manager or secretary of the company duly authorised by the board of directors.

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