Download Assam Vat Form-29

Download Assam Vat FORM-29: Certificate Of Deduction Of Tax At Source Under The Assam Value Added Tax Rules, 2005

As per Assam Vat rule 28

(1) (a) Every person who is required to deduct tax under section 47 shall, within ten days from the expiry of the month, deposit into a Designated Bank by the appropriate Challan in Form-25 the total amount of so deductible and deducted from one or more dealers during the immediately preceding month.

(b) a challan for each deposit in respect of a month shall be filled up in quadruplicate and signed by the person making such deposit.

(c) the challan shall specify the Government Department, undertaking, authority company or corporation with the name and designation of the person making deposit of the amount referred to in sub rule (1) and mention therein in clear detail the name (s), address (es) and Taxpayer

Identification Number (s) of the dealer (s) on whose behalf tax (es) is/are paid.

(d) The person who deducts or deposits any amounts under sub-rule (1) shall, within seven days from the date of deposit of the amount deducted from the any payment made to a dealer, issue to the dealer concerned, acertificate of tax deducted in Form-29 in duplicate in respect of such deduction and deposit, together with attested photocopy of the challan. The dealer shall furnish one copy of the certificate and the challan copy for adjustment of such deposit against his dues to the Prescribed Authority.

(e) In a case where the Drawing and Disbursing Officers is required to submit the bill to the Government treasury, in respect of the supply of goods or execution of works contract or for lease transactions as specified in section 47, he shall enclose four copies of challans with each bill for deposit of the amount so deducted at source. No such bill shall be passed by the Government treasury unless it is accompanied by the four copies of the challan in Form-25. The Government treasury shall keep proper account of deposit of the amount by transfer.

(f) Two copies of the challan i.e. the original and the duplicate copies duly signed by the officer of the Designated Bank as proof of payment by transfer shall be returned to the tenderer and the other two copies i.e. triplicate and the quadruplicate copies shall be retained by the bank.

(g) On receipt of the signed original and duplicate copies of the challan from the Bank, the Drawing and the disbursing Officer shall retain the original copy in his office and give the duplicate copy to the concerned party who made the supply or executed the work contract or transferred the right to use any goods.

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